Kambria provides counseling to individuals, groups, and couples with these guiding principles:

All humans struggle, but our struggles do not define us

Difficult feelings aren't permanent

Positive change is real and within reach

A moving body cultivates a healthier mind

Charles Gaby, MA

Personal & Organizational Consultant



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Julie’s psychotherapy and yoga therapy practice integrates techniques of bioenergetics such as grounding, breath-work, meditation, visualization, and body movements from yoga and somatics to release tension or holding in the body. It is from this place of release that automatic thinking and repetitive responses are re-framed. It is a dynamic process and one which requires active participation and feedback in each session and is guided by the client. The work provides clients with an expanded vocabulary for self-awareness to creating effective action and intimacy in their lives.  The practice is meant to inspire clients to look beyond “fixing” and immediate solutions, to creating a new foundation from which they can cultivate deeper meaning and direction throughout their lives.
Julie has practiced for over 10 years as a licensed mental health therapist. Her work as a therapist provided expertise in treating depression, anxiety, panic, trauma, overeating, pain and other somatic disorders. Her own healing and passion for yoga, inspired her to expand her training as a somatic psychotherapist honoring the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Dallas Yoga Center.  She also holds a 40 hour certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga.
Julie began her yoga therapy practice working with chiropractic patients of Dr. Mark Zuber, helping them to rehabilitate their body, pain response, and spirits. Currently, she is a yoga instructor at Sync Yoga and Wellbeing teaching Yin Yoga, Yoga for Healing, and Fundamentals. She is completing the Healer track certification with Anodea Judith PhD. Julie offers workshops on Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Chakra Therapy.
Julie’s mindfulness practice has been inspired by Dr. Rick Hanson, author of Buddha Brain and Hardwiring Happiness. Julie’s work with trauma has been influenced by Dr. Peter Levine, author of Walking the Tiger: Healing Trauma and Dr. Anodea Judith, author of Eastern Body Western Mind.

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"When you are able to embrace your body, release accumulated tension, and help your body heal, you will be able to go home to your feelings and emotions."
Thich Nhat Hanh

CHARLES GABY has 25 years of experience in counseling and consulting.  His fascination with human motivation led him to study the neurobiology of emotion. Gaby is a gifted communicator who has helped thousands of people better understand their own emotional dynamics and develop the skills needed to succeed in all aspects of their lives.  His clients range from individuals, couples, and private groups to public school systems, non-profits, governmental agencies, corporations and executives.  Charles is the former president of the Tomkins Institute. Currently, he is the Director of Training for the Institute for Restorative Communities, and together with his wife, is the owner of Sync Yoga & Wellbeing.

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Kambria Kennedy-Dominguez, MS, LPC, LCDC, RYt

“Change your brain, Change your life.
Change your energy, Change your life.”

Sarah Owen, MS, LPC

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Julie Euseppi, LMSW

There comes a point, in every life, when the patterns that helped us survive the past prevent us from being able to really thrive in the present.

These patterns are hard to recognize without an outside observer but they can change with Consciousness, Creativity and Commitment.

My counseling approach follows from the work of Alfred Adler and Carl Rogers, who each emphasized human relationships, public and private, intimate and professional, community and familial. Rogers' approach is called person-centered, meaning I do my best to understand your concerns from your point of view. I often use Adler's ideas that all human behavior is purposeful, and that we are always striving toward goals. The way we strive toward our goals is heavily influenced by our early childhood experiences and family of origin. So as I use this perspective, we may talk about your past and your imagined future. I may give you assignments to complete between sessions to nurture your growth in everyday life. I may suggest we use yoga and breathing exercises to help you build awareness of negative thinking. The direction of counseling is always up to you.

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These phrases summarize the focus and possibilities of Sarah Owen MS LPC’s energy medicine and energy psychology practice.  Sarah uses her extensive training, 30+ years of experience, compassionate intuition and some of the most powerful tools available to…

  • help you identify and transform your blocks
  • build your confidence
  • access and strengthen your potential and inner gifts
  • become a healthier, happier and more balanced you
  • create satisfying relationships and
  • live a fulfilling life.

Each session is created together and may use EMDR, Emotional Transformation Therapy, Kinesiology, Eden Energy Medicine, EFT and/or Resonance Repatterning based on your unique preferences and needs. In addition to helping individuals transform, Sarah teaches a variety of fun, experiential classes on topics ranging from “The Energies of Love” to  “Kinesiology for Self Testing”. 

She is a founding faculty member of the Eden Energy Medicine Institute and actively trains and mentors practitioners in both the U.S and Europe.