At Sync we have two amazing massage therapists providing services.
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$75 for 60 Minute Massage Session

$100 for 90 Minute Massage Session

$150 for Couples Massage 60 Minute Session (book by phone)

$125 for 90 Minute Massage Session with Essential Oils

$125 for 90 Minute Massage Session with Hot Stones

$130 for 90 Minute Hot Stone Therapy

$ 75 for 60 Minute Essential Oils Therapy

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1 Hour Massage Gift
1  1/2 Hour Massage Gift

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Laura Canfield, LMT

Laura enjoys working with clients who want to heal naturally to relieve pain and reduce stress.

She graduated from KeKino Massage Academy with specialized training in modalities that enhance the Swedish massage experience such as hydrotherapy techniques that use essential oils and Himalayan salt stones.
As a potter, Laura is passionate about working with artists who have specific pain from repetitive motions and helping them understand proper body mechanics while they create.


Joel Zamora, LMT

Joel has over 15 years as an LMT and has a following of clients from across the state but his friendly and unassuming nature seems to invite a deep level of relaxation.