Organizations/Corporate Teams

Create Wellbeing At Work

through full-day or half-day retreats

Sync can offer training in:

Developing An Organizational Plan For Wellbeing
Productive Conflict
Strategic Planning With Enhanced Creativity
Change/Transition Management
Stress Management
Team Building
Restorative Practices For People Who Sit At Desks
Building Accountability With Restorative Practices
Navigating Emotion At Work
Nutrition & Movement For Busy People
Redefining Work As Creating Value
Mindfulness In Business Practice

Let us help you build the perfect day retreat for your team and discover how you can turn your work place into a saner place!  Here is a sample schedule for an organizational team.

Download a sample Day Retreat Schedule

For information on planning a retreat or training for your organization or business

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"Thank you for the opportunity to use Sync for our company’s team building activity.   Sync offers a space that feels welcoming and calming and includes wonderful professionals who know their stuff!   My team left wanting to learn even more from Charles about his work on utilizing the recognition of affect in a work environment.   The education that he offered was paired perfectly with chair yoga by Christy, who took care to make sure that everyone was able to participate and feel successful, regardless of age, experience, and ability.   The pairing of a great space, learning, and physical activity allowed our team to leave feeling recharged.  Thank you Charles and Christy!"
Jackie Holland, LPC, CCM
Manager, Co-management Team - Humana Behavioral Health
Member | LGBT Network Resource Group

"It was really an incredible experience. I learned so much about emotions – how to recognize them in myself, my teams and in others, and that understanding will be so applicable in business and in life.  I think I speak for all of us in saying that we wish we had many more days to continue the learning. And, I had the best night of sleep in months that night!"

Kelly Griesenbeck Carter
Director, International Marketing
Emergency Cardiovascular Care & Global Strategies
The American Heart Association

Meetings with Soul

The Sync studios can provide the perfect venue for a team retreat.  Imagine the possibilities of combining a strategic planning meeting with yoga movement designed to fit the needs of the team to enhance concentration and creativity. When it’s time for lunch or after-meeting socializing, our rooftop deck can provide a unique place for friendly conversation complete with musicians and catering.