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30 days for $30 Introductory Offer

• Attend as many regular/weekly scheduled classes as you’d like over 30 consecutive days

  • This is a great way to get to know Sync teachers,
    class types, other clients, and the overall feel of
    the community; it is also a great opportunity to kick start some new habits

  • For those living in the DFW area only; out of town visitors, please choose from ‘By the Class Offerings’

  • Purchase classes/membership prior to the end of your 30 days, get 20% (for memberships, the 20% off applies to the first month only)

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Sync Memberships (on Monthly Auto-debit)

Options & Time Frames **


Membership Type

12 Month Contract

6 Month Contract

Month to Month

Additional Monthly Cost Per Person (Same Family & Household)

Sync Standard 

(Monthly unlimited classes PLUS a
Massage or Private Yoga  each month)



$198/ month

+ $63/person/ month

Sync Basic 



$135/ month

+ $54/person/ month

Sync Loves Yoga Teachers 



$40/ month


All Memberships include: access to all regularly scheduled classes, free hand/face towel service, free mat service, 10% off all retail, 10% off all workshops and events.

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Membership Time Frames - 12 Month, 6 Month & Month to Month **

12 Month Contract

$175 early cancellation fee; 30 days in advance written notice required; email:

6-Month Contract

$175 early cancellation fee; 30 days in advance written notice required; email:

Month to Month Contract

no cancellation fee; 30 days in advance written notice required; email:

** Memberships - Need to Know Info

  • Monthly one-on-one service/person included in Sync Standard membership must be used in the

    applicable month; unused services do not carry forward to future month(s)

  • Sync Loves Yoga Teachers Membership - yoga teachers who teach at least 1x/week are eligible

  • Membership HOLD available for just $10 per month - hold is available one time per 12 month time period

  • Cancel memberships with 30 days written notice to:

  • $175 early cancellation fee if cancellation is needed prior to the end of 6-month and 12-month contracts

  • All time frames and commitments reflect months of active membership and do not include any months

    during which the membership is on “hold”

  • All packages and memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable

No Membership / Pay per Class 

Single Class Drop In

$20 per class

5 Classes

$90 ($18 per class; good for 6 months)

10 Class Pack

$170 ($17 per class; good for 6 months)

20 Class Pack

$297 ($14.85 per class; good for 6 months)

3-Month Unlimited Classes

$441 (paid in full; no recurring payment; approximately $12.25/class if attending 3 classes/week on average)

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Research tells us that it takes a MINIMUM of 21 days to create a new habit; average is 66 days, 2-8 months of practice is typical.