First Time?

What to Expect

If you have never attended a yoga class before you probably have a few concerns about not
looking stupid... most of us did. Don't worry, we have all been there and we LOVE sharing our passion with newbies!  Here are a few things to
help you know what to expect:

What to wear
Yoga clothes are great because they fit to the body and don't hang off of you when you are
moving through poses. But you don't need yoga clothes to practice. Feel free to wear whatever you usually work out in. When you arrive there are cubbies to store your shoes and things. Jewelry that might be distracting should probably stay at home or in the car. Shoes are not allowed on the yoga floor.

When to arrive
The first time you attend a class you should arrive a little early to make sure you find
the place and get signed in. If you want to expedite the process you can register and pay online before hand.  Just remember, once class has started the doors will be closed and usually the outside door will be locked.

Picking a class
Knowing which class is right for you can be a bit of a challenge.  We recommend that beginners start off with Yoga Fundamentals, Restorative, Yoga for Healing or Flow Basics.  All of our instructors will encourage you to move at the pace of your body.  They will offer modifications to poses that don't work well with your particular body or physique. Some classes are more challenging physically than others, however, so if you would like a suggestion feel free to ask any of the instructors or drop us an email.

Private Instruction

One of the best ways to get the most our of your yoga practice is to take a few private classes.  This one on one support can get you focused on the right poses for your body and how to do them effectively. To schedule a private class contact us at

Yoga Mats
Yoga mats are available for use at the studio.  You can plan to use one or bring your
own.  We also have some high quality mats for sale at the studio.

Filtered water is available in the studio.  We ask that you bring your own bottle in order to help us keep it green!



  • This class is for all levels and is especially beneficial for those who are new to yoga. It is also a great way for regular practitioners to return to a greater focus on refining alignment and technique. In FLOW BASICS, there will be some breaking down of poses in each class to maximize alignment and safety in order to establish a strong foundation. All FLOW BASICS classes also emphasize linking breath and movement, and include a final meditation.  


  • This class is intended for all levels and is beginner friendly as well; yoga poses are linked together, variations are offered to meet your needs whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner. Emphasis in these classes is placed on linking the rhythm of your inhales and exhales with the movement of your body so that you can create a flow that meets your needs. All FLOW classes include a final meditation as well. 

Core FLow

  • CORE FLOW classes focus on developing awareness, stability and strength in specific areas: most often defined as the body, minus the arms and legs. Yoga postures, as well as functional movements that are part of our daily lives, rely on a strong core and a solid foundation. Lack of core development can result in a higher potential for injury and decreased stability in the body.  The major muscles of the core reside in the area of the belly and the mid and lower back, with additional support from the musculature around the hips, the shoulders and the neck. CORE FLOW will provide you with a variety of movements and positions to strengthen the core, along with yoga postures to enhance suppleness and flexibility, in order to support overall balance and integration.

FlOW Plus

  • This class is also intended for all levels, but the physical poses, variations and transitions offered may be more complex. Beginners are welcomed, just mention to the instructor that you are new to yoga. Though the movements may be more complex, the emphasis in these classes continues to be a linking of the rhythm of your inhales and exhales with the movement of your body so that you can create a flow that meets your needs. All FLOW + classes include a final meditation as well. 

Flow & Release

  • Accessible to everyone - a great complement to flow classes, as well as a class to help balance a busy life. Honor and nurture your body and mind. Class consists of luxurious prop-supported poses held 3-20 minutes each, ending with a guided meditation.


  • YOGA FOR HEALING is all about exploring the ways that yoga can be a support for us in our lives physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and relationally. Asana practice (the poses, the physical practice) is only one of 8 'limbs' of yoga, and in these classes, many of the other limbs will be taught and accessed in order to discover the many paths and possibilities available as we incorporate yoga into our lives.
  • Depending on the instructor/class focus, you may find that different aspects will be emphasized (structural/physical/anatomical, poses & practices for specific health needs, movement & breath work for physiological/emotional/mental balance, asana & yoga nidra/yogic sleep for subconscious processing/growth, exploration of the chakras, etc).  In all Yoga for Healing classes, the asana (poses) practice will always be one that is geared toward safety and accessibility, and is particularly appropriate for beginners, anyone working with an injury or limitation, or those looking for a more gentle practice.  

Women's Yoga for Conscious Creation

  • In an inclusive and nurturing setting, this 75-minute class is designed to help you contemplate your role in conscious creation while cultivating creativity through movement. It's for prenatal, postnatal, or never-natal women! It's also for mothers of any age, caretakers, artists, or women seeking special care for creative intuition. However creation applies to you, expect to enjoy sisterhood, guidance, and step-by-step instruction designed to bring vitality, awareness, strength, and alignment throughout your unique journey. 

integrative Yoga

  • Living from the inside-out is the goal of this practice.  It combines movement, meditation and asana in concert with emotional and cognitive cues.  It is an experience that will leave you feeling more life in your life!   This class includes facial yoga, guided meditation and somatic awareness exercises throughout what is otherwise a typical flow class.  It is open to all levels and experience.


  • This is a 45 minute class designed to introduce you to different styles and methods of MEDITATION and to provide a supportive, guided opportunity to practice and explore. Scientific studies have shown that meditation/mindfulness practices provide benefits such as the following: increased immunity, enhanced emotional wellbeing, improved digestion, decreased blood pressure, decreased inflammation, better memory, decreased stress and increased creativity.  


  • Following warming of the body through intelligently guided movement, focus is on deep release in the joints and tissues (yin yoga). Props are utilized in a variety of postures to provide additional support to enhance comfort and deep release. A great class for those who are new to yoga, as well as for athletes and others who tend to have tightness in lower body musculature in particular..

Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of yoga classes designed to fit the needs and goals of all students. We encourage you to try several classes and find what most appeal to you and gives you the most fulfilling experience.